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Parking Ticket Lookup
To make an online payment, enter your Parking Citation Number or the Tag Number of your vehicle in the area provided below.
To search by citation number, please enter the ticket number found in the location indicated below. All hand written tickets have a prefix of T .Please enter T before the number in the box below. A computer printed ticket should begin with one or two letters followed by six to nine digits. Ignore hyphens or spaces when entering the number (i.e. C200405589). Tickets are usually in our system within a day or two of being issued.
To search by license plate, please enter all letters and omit spaces and dashes when entering the number (i.e. ABC123)
City of West Palm Beach Parking Citation

Comments or suggestions? Please send them via e-mail to or call Parking Administration at (561) 822-1500 between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon - Fri (except holidays).